Tech Bulletins

tech bulletin 101

This technical bulletin will show you the allowable working values for Aerosmith .144 SurePin fasteners (lbs) in steel and concrete.

tech bulletin 102

This technical bulletin  will give you the basic specs for Aerosmith fasteners.

tech bulletin 103

This technical bulletin  compares the Average Ultimate Fastener Withdrawal Values between Aerosmith VersaPin fasteners and S-12 screws.

tech bulletin 104

This technical bulletin shows Aerosmith Gripshank pins -vs- Screw Withdrawals from Cold-Formed Steel.

tech bulletin 105

This technical bulletin  shows the wtihdrawals for Aerosmith's Gripshank Super Sharp fastener in 33 and 50KSI.

tech bulletin 106

This tech note shows the shear values for Aerosmith's Gripshank Super Sharp fastener.

tech bulletin 107

This technical bulletin shows the compares Aerosmith's Gripshank Shank Super Sharp fastener -vs- S-12 screw in 20 gauge steel.

tech bulletin 108

This technical bulletin provides Negative Wind Load Comparison Fastener Values with Gypsum Sheathing. 

tech bulletin 109

This technical bulletin shows the corrosion resistance results of Aerosmith fasteners.

tech bulletin 110

This technical bulletin shows the withdrawal comparisions.




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