Trim Pins

If you have Hardie trim to install, Aerosmith has your pin.  Aerosmith Trim pins are hardened steel designed to drive quickly and smoothly into steel and concrete. 

Hardie to Steel PinTrim Pin

Finish Pins

Part NumberDescriptionTool GroupQty/Box
1200 FINISH.071 x 2"F15M
075-100T FINISH.075 x 1"F30M
075-125T FINISH.075 x 1-1/4"F15M
075-150T FINISH.075 x 1-1/2"F15M


Hardie to Concrete PinTrim Pins

T Series Pins

Part NumberLengthTool GroupQty/Box
1150T FINISH.086 x 1-1/2"T10M
1175T FINISH.086 x 1-3/4"T10M
1200T FINISH.086 x 2"T10M
1250T FINISH.086 x 2.5"T10M
1300T FINISH.100 X 3"G8M

Trim Tools

ToolTool GroupDescription
Aerosmith ST2264 T14 gauge Brad Nailer
Aerosmith ST2575T/G14 gauge Brad Nailer
Aerosmith ST1850C4 F15 gauge Brad Nailer  

tools groups

Tool GroupRecommended Tools
FAerosmith ST1850C4
ET&F 110
TAerosmith ST2264
ET&F 210
GET&F 210T





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