Aerosmith is the Fastener of Choice for Attaching Insulation to CMU, Concrete and Steel

Benefits of Pin Fastening

  • Evaluation Report (PER Reports)
  • Cordless tool
  • Longer fuel cell life; long lasting Lithium Ion battery; high powered!
  • Using Aerosmith® makes fastening to the densest of concretes and hardest of LGS easy and fast!
  • Rigid or Semi-Rigid Insulation - to CMU, concrete, and steel
GT38LI-EXIF Foam to concrete
Insulation to Attached to Concrete Blocks with Aerosmith's EXIF Tool and Washers
Attaching Insulation to Concrete with Aerosmith's EXIF Tool and Washers



Aerosmith Fastening System's Mechanical Anchoring IconMechanical & Adhesive Anchors

Aerosmith® now carries a full line of anchors that meet the criteria for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, Category 1!

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