VersaPin Fasteners

Building with Cold-Formed Steel? 
Then you need versatility! 

Aersomith's popular VersaPin fasteners will do the job.  Attaching anything to CFS is easy with VersaPin.  The ballistic point fasteners are designed to make a clean, fast and direct penetration of the steel allowing the steel to rebound back around the fastener to provide the maximum holding power available.  For more information see "How Does Pin Fastening Work".  Our patented Gripshank fastener was designed with tighter knurls to allow greater surface area for thinner steel to take hold.  This fastener works best with 16-18 gauge steel.  For even lighter steel try our 2359N Gripshank SuperSharp, specially designed for use in 20 gauge steel.  All VersaPin Fasteners are Code Approved and MADE IN THE USA. 

VersaPin ST4200VersaPins


VersaPin for ST4100/ST4200

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity Per Box
2251A.250 x .100 x 1" Helical3M
2252A.250 x .100 x 1" Gripshank®3M
2255AG.312 x .100 x 1" Gripshank®  PT20003M
2324A.312 x .100 x 1-1/4" Helical2.4M
2325A.312 x .100 x 1-1/4" Gripshank®2.4M
2351A.250 x .100 x 1-3/8" Helical2M
2352A.250 x .100 x 1-3/8" Gripshank®2M
2385A.312 x .100 x 1-1/2" Gripshank®2M
2385AG.312 x .100 x 1-1/2" Gripshank® PT20002M


VersaPins for Coil NailersCoil Nailers


VersaPin for Popular Coil Nailers

Since we know you may already have your own tools.  We also collate our fasteners for other tools as well.  We have tested our pins in the tool listed under tool groups to ensure they will help provide the best performance for Aerosmith fasteners.

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity Per BoxTool Group
2351S.250 x .100 x 1-3/8" Helical4MS
2352S.250 x .100 x 1-3/8" Gripshank® 4MS
2352SG.250 x .100 x 1-3/8" Gripshank® PT20004MS
2359N.250 x .100 x 1-1/2" Gripshank®3.2MN
2501S.250 x .100 x 2" Helical3MS
2501SG.250 x .100 x 2" Helical PT20003MS
2502S.250 x .100 x 2" Gripshank®3MS
2502SG.250 x .100 x 2" Gripshank®  PT20003MS
2505SB.250 x .100 x 2" Gripshank® 2.4MSB
2505SBG.250 x .100 x 2" Gripshank® PT20002.4MSB
2631SG.250 x .100 x 2-1/2" Helical PT20002.4MS
2635SBG.312 x .100 x 2-1/2" Gripshank®  PT20002.4MSB

tool groups

Tool GroupRecommended Tools
Aerosmith ST4100, ST4200
Aerosmith ST565
MAX - CN565-S
Interchange CN565-15
Pneu Tool CN65S-3
JITool JN65S

Aerosmith ST565
Interchange CN565-15
Pneu Tool CN65S-3
JITool JN65S


Pneu Tool CN90F
Griprite CN90
Bostitch  N89C-HQ






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