Aerosmith is the Fastener of Choice in Lath to Steel/Concrete Construction

Aerosmith knows it's important for you to install your Lath board quickly.  Our VersaPin® ST4200 fastening tool was designed with that in mind and features a depth of drive adjustment.  Diamond Lath can be installed using Aerosmith's VersaPin® fasteners and tools with the customized magnetic adapter and WF50 steel washers. 

Benefits of Pin Fastening

  • Fast, secure, & preferred way to install lath
  • Saves time - Money & Manpower!
  • Magnetic tool adapters make washer application ‘electrifying’!
  • Quality assured: Aerosmith’s W50 galvanized & perforated washer makes for corrosion resistance under water base coatings & materials
  • Standard or HP (High Pressure) air tools; or, go cordless with Aerosmith’s newest gas powered tools: Aerosmith® has the best performing tools for each application … A quality ‘install’ means fewer call backs!

Case Study

Not only are Aerosmith fastening systems user friendly, but they meet or exceed job site regulations. Thanks to Aerosmith's testing and approvals, downtime for job site regulations is diminished. This allows your crew to get to work faster, stay working longer, and saves you labor costs! 

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"Aerosmith cut our injuries and cut the time it takes to fasten by 60%!"
- Robert, Production Lead Foreman for a large vehicle manufacturer

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