Aerosmith® is the Fastener of Choice in the Specialty Construction

Aerosmith® excels at addressing specialized requirements for fastening tools, fasteners and application needs by using new and existing technologies. Custom needs require a proven process. The Aerosmith innovation process includes:

  • Identifying fastening needs and potential solutions 
  • Tool development 
  • Tool & fastener design
  • Identifying substrate alternatives 
  • Real-time testing and trials

Benefits of Specialty Applications:

  • Time & money savings – Turn One Worker Into Two! (but without the overhead)
  • Join forward-thinking industries like: transportation; steel manufacture; solar; HVAC; storage; containers; panel manufacturers; marine; and many more!
  • Potential replacement for welding, riveting, drilling/screwing, adhesives, crimping and more
  • Development of specialized, custom tooling or automation – improves your productivity AND quality   
  • Fasten to aluminum as well as steel both up to ¼” thick – innovate!
  • Form board – for concrete – innovate!
  • Steel silos (farms) – who knew?
  • Decks (wood, steel, or composite materials) - innovate
  • Wood panels to steel in industrial production – panels, decks, mezzanines, components – all create a variety of ways to save!

Don’t miss your opportunity to explore and innovate with Aertosmith! Contact Aerosmith or call 1-800-528-8183 for more and creative applications for Aerosmith hardened steel pins.

Case Study

There is an Aerosmith® fastening system for every application you can think of, and for even applications you can't imagine. RV and horse trailer manufactures trust and depend on Aerosmith fasteners and tools to help them get the job done easily and fast.

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"I like it (Aerosmith). I like it a whole lot! It makes my job easier."
- Brent, Production Worker at a large vehicle manufacturer

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Aerosmith® now carries a full line of anchors that meet the criteria for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, Category 1!

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