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Industrial/OEM applications are a product of an Aerosmith “PROCESS”. Each Aerosmith® application evolves from users of other types of “fixings” asking themselves: “Am I missing productivity that can save me time & money?”

The Aerosmith® process can provide the answer:

  • Starts with research to define performance requirements
  • Material fastening is confirmed with testing
  • “Real Time” demos are performed
  • Worker training and “test drives” are completed
  • If needed, in place performance testing and re-testing is done
  • Productivity targets confirmed
  • Production is tooled up
  • Savings begin and continue!

‘Hey…..can I be that guy…..?"

The fastest and best way to see where an Aerosmith system can work to boost your manufacturing process and worker productivity is FREE! Just trying it through an in-plant demonstration will show you the system’s fit with your process…. pro’s and con’s. 

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"I like it (Aerosmith). I like it a whole lot! It makes my job easier."

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Aerosmith® now carries a full line of anchors that meet the criteria for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, Category 1!

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