Case Study: Better Returns than Wall Street… Fastener System Improves ROI

Plywood Fasteners Save Time and Reduce Labor Cost!

Dean, a President of a large general contracting firm, had a project installing 5/8” plywood sheathing to 12g steel exterior studs. After determining that screw installation of the sheathing was too time-consuming, the firm purchased Aerosmith’s CN65S siding tools and 2” plated pins. His crews were able to complete the job four days earlier than planned, saving the company $2,000 in labor cost, which more than paid for the initial investment in tools and pins.

What they're saying:

"Just like you (Aerosmith) promised – Cut my costs AND saved me time on the schedule. Amazing! Can’t wait ‘til my next job!!”

- Mike, a very happy Company President

Yes, he did use Aerosmith again and with the previous equipment payback; he made even more money!

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