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World Class Heavy, Medium and Light Duty Mechanical Anchors and Adhesive Anchoring Systems

Aerosmith Fastening offers a World Class selection of heavy, medium and light duty mechanical anchoring products as well Acrylic and Epoxy adhesive anchoring systems. Additonally, we are a distributor of Blue Banger Hanger Cast in Place anchors. Click here to find the best anchor for concrete, block, steel deck, drywall and more!

Quality Siding Products like James Hardie® Brand

Aerosmith® and James Hardie® make a great team for your next siding project. Aerosmith® large head fasteners are designed to meet James Hardie® specs. Our PT2000 plating surpasses 2,000 hours of salt spray testing with NO Red Rust.

Fastening plywood to steel with Aerosmith tool

Plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) to Steel or Concrete

Aerosmith knows it's important for you to install your plywood/OSB quickly. Our VersaPin® ST4200 tool features a depth of drive adjustment. Whatever exterior Plywood/OSB you use can all be installed using Aerosmith's VersaPin® tools and fasteners. 

Exterior Gypsum Panels Fasteners

Aerosmith knows it's important for you to install your gypsum board quickly without breaking the paper.  Our VersaPin® ST4200 tool and fasteners feature a depth of drive adjustment for installation of yellow board, green board, or whatever Exterior Gypsum you choose. 

Wire, Diamond and Synthetic Lath Fasteners

Aerosmith' VersaPin® ST4200 tool was designed to help you quickly install lath board and features a depth of drive adjustment. Wire, Diamond, and Synthetic Lath can be installed using Aerosmith's VersaPin® tools and fasteners with the customized magnetic adapter and WF50 steel washers. 

Fastening track to steel using Aerosmith Fastening system

Track to Steel/Concrete

Aerosmith’s TraxPin® and PowerPin® lines… High & Low THE Choice for Track Applications

Aerosmith Fastening Trim Tool

TrimPin™ Trim Fasteners and Tools

If you have Hardie trim to install, Aerosmith has your pin.  Aerosmith Trim pins are hardened steel designed to drive quickly and smoothly into steel and concrete. 

Aerosmith Fasteners being used to fasten plywood to steel for a school bus

Specialty Products

  • Experience the “I didn’t know a ‘pin’ could do that!” Feeling!
  • Fasteners for High Tensile Steel, Aluminum, Lightweight or High Density Concrete, Composites, and Insulation
  • Convenient for the transportation, food & beverage, energy, steel, marine, mining, shipping/crating, HVAC, and many other industries

Fastening in Your Industry

200 Years

Fasteners Sold


Why Aerosmith Fastening?

  • Aerosmith’s industry knowledge helps cut costs- Productivity 7 to 10 times faster than conventional fastening.
  • Building Code Evaluations for multiple applications – Reduce whole project costs!
  • “Best in class” - Product AND Service! 
  • Over 50 years in business applying centuries of knowledge - Get it right the first time!
  • Innovators for tools, fasteners and accessories – Bringing you a better way!
  • On time delivery over 98%. No delays!

"Aerosmith's VersaPin fasteners saved us hours of time and countless dollars of lost product and labor wages. Screws? Who needs screws?!"
- John Smith, Construction Manager of 3M

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Aerosmith® now carries a full line of anchors that meet the criteria for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, Category 1!

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