Aerosmith® offers three distinct types of air hoses for power driven tools.

PowerPin® HN25C/HN120

High pressure hose and fittings are designed exclusively for High Pressure tools (uses 250psi to 450psi). Hoses are 30mm in diameter, and available in either 50' or 100'
(Part Numbers: KHL100FT or KHL50FT)

Featured Product: KHL100FT


Versapin® ST4200

Operates using standard pressures (80psi to 120psi). This hose is extra flexible for ease of use, even in cold weather, and features quick disconnect fittings.
(Part Number: ST-2550)


Featured Product: ST-2550


Surepin® CT90

Operates using mid-range pressures (80psi to 175psi). Typically achieved while using Air Pressure Booster
(Part Numbers: Hose - UNH3850-C; Booster - UNAC4100-C)

Featured Product: UNH3850-C

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