Manufacturer Improves Safety and Fastening Time By 60%

Reliable Pneumatic Fasteners and Nailers Reduce Injuries

Contractors, more than others, know the value of a safe workplace. Nobody wants a person needlessly injured on the job. Job site regulations, viewed at times as ‘cumbersome’ and costly, are in fact helping contractor companies manage their risk. Tight ‘regs’ applied to a construction method usually results in finding ‘a better way’ for all. Such is the case with a major, western contractor who puts it best:

“No OSHA fines (with Aerosmith) for unspent loads, or constantly locking up and unlocking tools to avoid OSHA fines. We ran hundreds of thousands of pins for this project and had only one tool go down. This is completely unlike gas and powder. Those are constantly in a state of breaking down.”

Note: Unlike ‘powder’ system use; there are NO licenses required for Aerosmith system use.

Manufacturers are also discovering how Aerosmith® Fastening Systems provides “user-friendly” safety. For example:

“Before Aerosmith, we had shoulder and elbow injuries every 4 to 5 months. The guys would be out on rehab for 9 months and could only return to our work area after they did it. Now we don’t have injuries due to fastening. Aerosmith cut our injuries and cut the time it takes to fasten by 60%!”

- Robert, Production Lead Foreman for a large vehicle manufacturer

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