Case Study: Track to Steel and Concrete Fastener Improves Efficiency

“Why Not Everyone?” Asks Construction Contractor

A great question. Especially when posed by the Operations V.P. for one of the country’s largest design-build commercial contractors. On one of their jobs, he saw the Aerosmith® System Fastening overhead track (steel to concrete) and at record speeds. Incredulous, he grabbed the 4-pound tool to try it himself. Not only did the tool/fastener system prove fast, it also made easy work going through 18 gauge steel and into the hardest concrete slab (estimated at 6M pounds per square foot density)!

As it turns out the V.P.’s mission is to streamline construction processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste. After he watched and tried the Aerosmith system he looked to his foreman and asked:

“Why don’t we have every one of our crews using the Aerosmith system?”

The foreman immediately contacted the purchasing department!

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