Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Aerosmith Fasteners and Fastening Tools

How do Aerosmith pins perform compared to other fastening methods?

Aerosmith pins are routinely compared to screw fastening. However, there are other methods like riveting, welding, adhesives, crimps and interlocking pieces. Aerosmith performs certified, third-party testing to obtain certified building code evaluations. Here Aerosmith meets/exceeds code requirements. In most cases and depending on design specifications Aerosmith pin performance is comparable to screw fastening performance.

Building codes…Product Approvals…Project Engineering. How do Aerosmith pins fair in each?

Building codes are enforced at a local level based on national model codes. Aerosmith is listed with numerous pin applications by both the International Code Council (ICC), and Pei Evaluation Service® national evaluation services. Aerosmith meets or exceeds model code requirements as well as a number of regional and local code requirements. (See our Approvals Section). Product approvals are needed in select areas of the United States. For example, Aerosmith pins are approved in Florida for select applications. From time to time Aerosmith secures local approvals in other places like Los Angeles and New York. Few if any manufacturers can evaluate all the possible applications within today’s complex building requirements. In order to serve end users and design professionals, Aerosmith may also provide third party, “sealed” engineering evaluations that are specific to a project.

Are pins required to meet the same standards as screws?

Although pins meet or exceed many of the ‘dimensional’ specifications for screws, the ASTM standards such as C954, C-1002 and C1513 are written for use with screws. However, many ‘performance’ standards appear the same for each type fastener, even if actual test methods might vary when comparing pins v. screws. For example, dynamic cyclic wall testing with pin fastened assemblies are required for building code evaluation for wind and seismic resistance. A screw’s dimensional specifications assume qualification based on prescriptive testing done to represent all screw brands.

Can pins be substituted for screws on a “one to one” basis?

A structure’s design drives this answer. Your design professional can calculate design requirements specific to the project under consideration. This assures the proper number of fasteners are used be they screws or pins.

Is there a maximum fastener spacing that can be used for pins?

Again, this depends on your design professional’s calculations, evaluation and approval. Keep in mind that there are those cases where an extra pin may provide the necessary load values, the installation speed for pins will far outweigh the added pin and installed cost for screws.

What about cost?

Depending on structural design and type of pin required, a “one to one” cost comparison may not tell the whole story and could appear to favor a conventional fastener. However, ‘savvy’ contractors and design professionals know it is a total installed cost that matters most. Their experience has shown them the value that’s there for not only the application but also reductions in the project’s total timeline. When speed, durability, reduced waste and the quality of the finished application are considered Aerosmith comes out on top.

How do I buy Aerosmith products?

Aerosmith operates through the network of its authorized distributors. These large distributors may be specialized in tools and fasteners for construction or they focus on specific industrial markets. Not only do Aerosmith Authorized Distributors stock, sell and provide after-market service for the Aerosmith line, but they also carry other products related to the customers they serve.

Do I need to buy special equipment and tools with Aerosmith fasteners?

The fastening systems and tools needed to install Aerosmith fasteners can accommodate multiple applications through just one tool (VersaPin systems) while also providing the productivity that means early payback of any equipment investment (often savings on the first job done with Aerosmith products covers the investment). Aerosmith also provides its fasteners formatted (i.e.-collated) to be used with tools that may already be owned by an end user. This reduces or eliminates any need for extra equipment purchases.

What about warranty?

Yes, Aerosmith warrants its fastener tools and fasteners. In addition, Aerosmith products are recognized by many building material manufacturers for use with their products without impact on that manufacturer’s warranty protection. Companies like James Hardie, Georgia Pacific, USG, BASF, and more have recognized Aerosmith Brand Fastener Products. (Editor note: Approvals are for specific products; check with that material manufacturer for the details)

Can Aerosmith products be used for applications other than in construction?

Yes. In fact, during our 50 year ‘plus’ history, Aerosmith’s embrace of innovation has led it to many industrial market segments like transportation, energy, material handling, and other OEM businesses. This same innovative quality has led us to applications involving dissimilar metals like steel to aluminum.

Can Aerosmith pins be removed after installation?

Circumstances like fastener misapplication, conducting assembly maintenance, aesthetics or assembly repurposing may from time to time require fastener removal. Aerosmith has developed a variety of pins that can be mechanically removed using readily available tools.

Are Aerosmith products ‘Made in America’?

Yes, the overwhelming volume of Aerosmith product is ‘Made in America’. Like most manufacturers marketing internationally; we do have products that are best produced overseas. For example, we provide pins with metric dimensions that are made in the United Kingdom.

I’m sold! But how do I convince the “decision makers”?

Aerosmith’s greatest mind changer (a.k.a- YOUR game changer) is a “live” product demonstration. When decision makers actually see an Aerosmith installation done when producing their product; they envision the speed, productivity, and value for their businesses.

If I can’t find what I’m looking for on your website, what should I do?

Please, contact Aerosmith Customer Service at 1-800-528-8183. These professionals will either get you an answer or put you in contact with someone who can.

AEROSMITH, the name sounds like a famous rock band. Any good stories about mistaken identity?

Yes, dozens, but the one that sums it up best was a request we received at an industry trade show to actually sing! We can tell you after we finished, that industry will never mistake us for a band again.

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