Aerosmith® CT90 Nose Pieces

These nose pieces are designed to accommodate 0.145” diameter pins and are especially effective for installing longer type fasteners. Pins associated with each nose piece can then either be left flush to your material or countersunk either 1- or 2-pin head thicknesses depending on the nose piece selection. Diameters of the nose pieces are either 2” or 1-5/16" and can be selected based on the application needs

Nose pieces for the CT90 are interchangeable to fit the CT90 air tool allowing for a prescribed depth of drive feature.

Nose Piece for Aerosmith's Surepin® CT90 Plywood to Steel / Concrete Nail Gun

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  • Aerosmith® ‘PT2000®’ Corrosion Resistance meets/exceeds 2000 hour ASTM B117 Performance - Beats ‘hot dip’!
  • Get industry leading Aerosmith® Service backed by the Aerosmith 2 Year Extended Warranty
  • Specifications Click to Expand
    Item # Diameter/Configuration Depth of Drive Magnetic
    494 Circular Flush Drive  
    494-1 2" Circle 1 pin head thickness  
    494-2 2" Circle 2 pin head thickness  
    495-1 2" Circle 1 pin head thickness  
    495-2 1-5/16" Circle 2 pin head thickness  
    494-M10 1-5/16" Circle Magnetic Adapter for use with WF50 washer Yes

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