Case Study: VersaPin® System Reduces Fastener Waste

Gypsum Board to Steel Installation Efficiency

On site for a hotel being built near a famous theme park, an Aerosmith® representative was walking the job with the crew chief who’s team was installing exterior gypsum panels over steel framing. His guys were up on a second-story scaffold and busy with screw guns for the gypsum installation.

Is it Raining Fasteners?

Suddenly he noticed something new to him. His crew was dropping screws. Lots of screws! He estimated up to 30% of the fasteners hit the ground (and were not picked up); and, he saw that his workers had trouble reaching with enough pressure to install screws out over the ends of the scaffold.

Aerosmith had an answer…the VersaPin® system with its:

  • Depth of drive to limit overdriving fasteners in the gypsum (a hidden waste of fasteners)
  • The tool’s large magazine (up to 150 fasteners) cut reload time; BUT more importantly…NO dropped fasteners!
  • A light-weight tool with ‘air power’ the Aerosmith ST4200 enables workers to safely reach further off their work platforms.

With his teams upgraded to Aerosmith VersaPin®, the crew chief was able to comment:

“It stopped raining fasteners and it’s a sunny day using Aerosmith!”

What they say on the job:

“I like it (Aerosmith). I like it a whole lot! It makes my job easier.”

- Javier, Crew Foreman, Drywall Contractor

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