Case Study: Not Our First Rodeo… Horse Trailer Manufacturer Trusts Aerosmith®

High Quality, Durable Fasteners Hold Up Over Time

Sometimes it’s just the way it is…some equipment pieces have to be made to take a beating! These are the ones we know we can rely upon over the long haul. These are usually of best quality, have the toughest durability, and best design. Such is the case with a large horse-trailer manufacturer’s products. The ones that use Aerosmith® in their design and manufacture.

What they're saying:

“Our employees have used our Aerosmith® for 11 years. The pins hold very well and we never had an issue. We wouldn’t fasten any other way.”
- Jake, production manager

Disclaimer: No horse or other animal was injured in the writing of this Case Study.

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Aerosmith® now carries a full line of anchors that meet the criteria for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, Category 1!

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