Case Study: Plywood Fastening System Cuts Construction Time

Roof Panel Installation Completed 43% Faster with VersaPin® Fasteners

It’s always nice to hear from an Aerosmith user about his/her job site experience with Aerosmith systems. It’s even more gratifying when an Aerosmith solution helps someone out of a problem.

Such was the case when a South Carolina school builder called looking for ways to accelerate his project schedule and get back on track to avoid penalties for being late. He faced roof panel installations using screws that were scheduled to take 3-1/2 weeks for a job already behind schedule.

Aerosmith was able to help. He changed from using screws to Aerosmith’s VersaPin® system. He called to tell us that not only did he get the project completed on time but he did the roof in 2 weeks instead of the 3-1/2. He credited the 1-1/2 week time savings to his switch to Aerosmith. It saved his project and so he commented:

“What a timely call! Aerosmith saved the job, money and my reputation!”

He continues to use the productivity from Aerosmith to outbid his rivals for future projects.

What they say on the job:

“We were behind schedule installing 4,000 sheets of plywood until we switched to Aerosmith. We will end up finishing two and a half weeks early due to the speed of Aerosmith!”

-Troy, Construction Superintendent for a large exterior contractor

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