Testing shows the alloy plating technology of PT2000 to have 3-10X the corrosion resistance conventionally achieved with electro or hot dip galvanizations. Aerosmith ACQ Fasteners' distinctive finish offers optimum protection in applications demanding high corrosion resistance.
*comparative results based on averages from over 4 different plating types, in AQC treated wood, using protocol ASTM B117

Protocol Aerosmith ACQ Fastener Name Brand Hot Dip Galvanized Multi Elevtro Galvanized Other Misc. Weather/Corrosion Resistant Coatings
ASTM B117 1008 642 376 458
ASTM B117 Modified (Fasteners Driven into ACQ treated board) 1656 412 N/A 180
Fasteners Immersed directly in 6% ACQ Solution 125 43 48* 24


Results after 1008 hours of Salt Spray

PT2000 fastenerAfter 1008 hours of salt spray
Name Brand hot dip galvanized fastenerAfter 1008 hours of salt spray


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