Aerosmith® HP175 Steel Washer

Aerosmith’s steel washers HP175 are typically used to install wire and synthetic lath as part of a stucco system and sill plate (2x4) to concrete. The HP175 washer is galvanized to help protect against corrosion and, unlike similar products, its inner diameter is designed to minimize friction and not compromise drive power as the pin passes through the washer. Made in the USA.

Combine the Aerosmith® HP175 washer with HP system magnetic tool adapters to quickly and securely install steel, lath to substrates for stucco system applications and other materials to concrete.

Why Aerosmith Fastening?

Save Time – Money – and Manpower! 

  • Up to 10 times faster than: “The Way We’ve Always Done It”
  • Finish work early – Cut your downtime
  • Win those ‘competitive’ bids – Faster IS Better!
  • Productivity saves you manpower!

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