HN25C Pneumatic Fastening Tool for Steel and Concrete

Today's construction market is more competitive than ever.  As a contractor you need to be on the cutting edge of fastening technology.  The “one-two” Power Punch of Aerosmith®’s PowerPin® line sets you apart! The HN25C high pressure tool lets you drive up to 3 layers of 16 gauge steel or 7000 psi concrete or fasten to structural steel! All with a tool with minimal “kick back” and weighing less than a screw gun!


  • Extremely powerful tool increases the range of applications and cuts cost
  • Reduced worker fatigue; maneuvers in more places to speed up applications and lower costs; less weight than most screw guns
  • Increases safety; reduces worker fatigue; less Worker Comp; cuts costs
  • Assures quality application; aides in meeting building code standards for overdriven fasteners; fewer callbacks; easier inspections all cut costs
  • Wood; steel; tracking; structural components; concrete; aluminum; composites; and more cut costs
  • Up to 7,000psi concrete fastening enables more industrial and renovation projects cutting costs along with it


How It Works

Today's contractors are looking for faster, better, money saving products allowing them to be more competitive in today's challenging market place. Aerosmith's line of innovative fasteners do just that. With Aerosmith, predrilled holes and time consuming screwing are a thing of the past. All Aerosmith pins are made with heat treated steel with a ballistic point which allows the point to penetrate the steel cleanly and quickly for installations 7-10 times faster than conventional methods. The force of friction creates the bond between the steel and the fastener for maximum holding power.

  • Features and Benefits Click to Expand
    Ultra light weighing only 4.4 lbs   An extremely powerful tool! Increases the number and kinds of applications you can do – gets you more work!
    Dial adjustable depth control   Weighing in at less than most screw guns the HN25C reduces worker fatigue; fits into tight spots with power; and speeds up any application! – Cuts costs!
    Trigger lock dial for safety   Depth of drive achieved by dialing in the advanced high pressure compressor – produces a quality job with few call backs
    Tangle free swivel hose fitting   Building code tested & approved; Ready to make ‘submittal life’ a whole lot easier!
    100 pin magazine capacity   A large magazine carrying 100 pins cuts down time!
    Slim nose drives pins 1/4" from wall   A durable tool with some of the lowest service costs in the industry

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