Fast, Secure Connection to Concrete

Whether it's sub-floor to concrete, sleepers to concrete or 2x4 to steel Aerosmith's SurePin® Fasteners will provide you with a fast, secure and reliable connection. Aerosmith SurePin fasteners are Code Approved and MADE IN THE USA.


  • Building Code Tested and Approved (ICC and PER Reports) for Hardie siding to block, CMU, and track make submittals a snap!
  • A variety of collation types for a variety of tools means lower tool costs
  • ‘Depth of drive’ controls assure a quality installation with fewer call-backs
  • A large tool magazine means more fasteners and less down time re-loading
  • No licenses or “powder” regulations to deal with; best to be ‘on the job’ anyway
  • Can be used with Surepin® CT90 high-speed, pneumatic pin nailer
  • Simply Faster...Simply Better!

How it Works

Today's contractors are looking for faster, better, money saving products allowing them to be more competitive in today's challenging market place. Aerosmith's line of innovative fasteners do just that. With Aerosmith, predrilled holes and time consuming screwing are a thing of the past. All Aerosmith pins are made with heat treated steel with a ballistic point which allows the point to penetrate the steel cleanly and quickly for installations 7-10 times faster than conventional methods. The force of friction creates the bond between the steel and the fastener for maximum holding power.

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    Download the Aerosmith SurePin® Master List

    Part Number Description Application
    5254P .144 x 1” Knurled Plywood to Steel
    5323P .144 x 1-1/4” Smooth Plywood to Concrete
    5324P .144 x 1-1/4” Knurled Plywood to Steel
    5383P .144 x 1-1/2” Smooth Plywood to Concrete
    5574PG .144 x 2-1/4" Knurled 2x4 to Steel

    The above parts all have a Head Diameter of .300", are plated with Zinc, feature Plastic Strip collation, and offer 20 fasteners per collated unit.

Tech Reports & Related Literature

Surepin® CT90 High-Speed Pneumatic Fastening Tool

  • Faster than drilling and screwing
  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Eliminates cost of worn or broken drill bits

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