Aerosmith® UNK15E Compressor

The 1.5HP electric motor on the UNK15E compressor delivers 7.3 CFM of air runs off a 20 amp breaker and can serve dual Aerosmith® CT90 air tools! It's easy and fast to maneuver on the job because of its wheel barrow-type platform. 

The pump is a heavy duty, single stage, cast-iron, twin cylinder power source that is ‘splash-oiled’.

Big jobs require big air tools, and Aerosmith®'s UNK15E compressor provides lots of air when you need it the most.

Why Aerosmith® Fastening?

Best In Class Performance

  • Durability & Performance Tested
  • Building Code Evaluations (ICC & PER Reports) for multiple applications
  • Get the right tool to match worker & application needs – cut costs!
  • Reduce/Eliminate call backs
  • Specifications Click to Expand
    Model UNK15E
    Dimensions Height 28"
    Width 19"
    Length 46"
    Weight 174lbs. (ship weight)
    Working Pressures 7.3 CFM @ 90psi; 10.1 CFM Displacement
    Motor 1.5HP; 1725rpm
    Power Supply 115V (+/-); 20 amp; 10% 60Hz (+/-) 1%
    Overload Protection Yes (w/ manual reset)
    Tanks 2 stages
    Speed 1725rpm
    Tank Volume 9 gal. w/ 2 tanks
    Lubrication Splash Lubrication; 34 oz. oil capacity
    Oil 10w30
  • Accessories Click to Expand


    300psi Hose (50') designed exclusively for Aerosmith®


    High Pressure Air Fittings


    HN120 Tool (only), Handle Extender

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