HN120 Pneumatic Fastening Tool for Heavy Gauge Steel and High Density Concrete

When things get really tough you call for tools you think of as “Workhorses” AND you finish the job! Much like Aerosmith®’s CT90 the newer HN120 fits this ‘bill’ and more! The HN120 is a high-pressure air tool that’s much larger than its cousin the HN25C, yet surprisingly, the HN120 weighs in at only a little over 6 lbs.! The HN120 pin nailer lets you install Aerosmith®’s PowerPin® fasteners with ease; so you can take on the heaviest gauges of steel or aluminum. High-density concrete is a ‘breeze’ with the HN120 and Pre or Post stressed concrete cause you NO stress whatsoever!


  • Safety enhanced; worker-friendly; reduces downtime
  • Superior power widens the number of applications; saves cost; reduces project time to completion
  • More commercial jobsite uses cut costs; fewer regulations
  • Applications include construction fastening, industrial applications, siding, and framing with materials such as tracking, wood; steel; concrete; structural components;  and aluminum. See below for more details.
  • Composites fastening capabilities reduce project costs; increases speed of a project
  • Easier OSHA compliance; safety; cut costs
  • Assures a quality application; fewer call backs; enhances inspection
  • Depth of Drive achieved with simple ‘nose piece’ accessories that come with the tool
  • Simply Fast...Simply Better

How It Works

Today's contractors are looking for faster, better, money saving products allowing them to be more competitive in today's challenging market place. Aerosmith's line of innovative fasteners do just that. With Aerosmith, predrilled holes and time consuming screwing are a thing of the past. All Aerosmith pins are made with heat treated steel with a ballistic point which allows the point to penetrate the steel cleanly and quickly for installations 7-10 times faster than conventional methods. The force of friction creates the bond between the steel and the fastener for maximum holding power.

  • Features and Benefits Click to Expand
    Lightweight - only 6.4 lbs.   Speed - drives 4 pins per second
    Depth of drive accessories packed with the tool in a duarble carrying case   Quality applications - depth of drive control
    Magnetic adapter available for 'Washer' Installations   No licensing or 'powder' management needed
    A "tangle free" swiveling hose fitting comes on the tool   Powerful...this expands you potential to do other tough applications on a job site
    A large 75 pin magazine cuts down on time!   Simply Faster...Simply Better
  • Tool Specifications Click to Expand

    Tool Specifications


    In the Box

    Pin Diameter:  .145"    Tool
    Pin Length:  1"-2-1/2"  (25-64 mm)    Manual
    Head diameter:  .312" (7.9 mm)   Bottle for Oil
    Operating Range:  210-320 psi   Safety Glasses
    Weight:  6.4 lbs   4 Adapters

Tech Reports & Related Literature

Hoses & Fittings

High-pressure, power-driven fastener air hoses designed specifically for each job.

Compressors for High Pressure Tools

Configure with two standard air tools like ST4200 or two high pressure tools like HN25C and HN120.

PowerPin® for Heavy Steel or the Densest Concrete

  • Steel to Hi-density Concrete – ‘Pre or Post’ Stressed 
  • Steel to Steel – Structural or Multi-layered  
  • Wood to Steel – Steel up to ¼” Thick!
  • Aluminum
  • Hardie Direct to Block/CMU and Concrete

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