Aerosmith® Saves Time – Costs – Energy - & Manpower in Specialty Application

Fastener of Choice in Specialty Applications

Aerosmith excels at addressing specialized requirements for fastening tools, fasteners and application needs by using new and existing technologies. Custom needs require a proven process. The Aerosmith innovation process includes:

  • Identifying fastening needs and potential solutions
  • Tool modifications
  • Tool & fastener design
  • Accommodating diverse substrates like Aluminum, Heavy Duty Steel, & Composites

Examples of Specialized Fastening Solutions

Many of Aerosmith’s specialized fastening solutions have been adapted and adopted into a wide range of industries and an even wider range of applications. Here are just a few:

  • Tools designed for unique fastener installation into mine conveyors.
  • Tools designed for sheet specialized sheet steel products.
  • Fasteners for the demanding requirements of new substrates like the thin, high tensile steel that is becoming more popular.
  • Atypical applications of steel to wood required both tool and fastener development.
  • Pioneered Removable Pins
  • And more……..

When demonstrating and after they are up & running end user reactions usually include things like: “WOW!!” “I never knew you could do that with a hardened pin!” “This is gonna save us $....................!”


‘Hey…..can I be that guy…..?"

The fastest and best way to see where an Aerosmith system can work to boost your manufacturing process and worker productivity is FREE! Just trying it through an in-plant demonstration will show you the system’s fit with your process…. pro’s and con’s. 

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"I like it (Aerosmith). I like it a whole lot! It makes my job easier."
- Tom S. Production Line Panel Installer

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