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Aerosmith® hardened steel fasteners are grouped into five (5) “Fastener Families”. Our high-speed fastening pins are grouped this way by common product specifications and applications. These “Families” include:

  • VersaPin® - largely used for fastening to cold-formed steel in commercial construction. The group contains our patented “GripShank®” fasteners as well as the SuperSharp® and ‘large-headed’ fasteners.
  • SurePin® - the SurePin® fasteners are used where added fastener strength and ‘driveability’ are required. Applications into concrete and heavy gauge steel (up to thicknesses of ¼” and more) are common.
  • PowerPin® - Picture SurePins® on ‘steriods. The PowerPin® line is distinguished by its high-pressure delivery systems. The forces generated by these high-pressure tools can be over 4X that of a traditional air tool. The heaviest steels (e.g.- structural) and densest concretes are no match for Aerosmith®’s pneumatic fastening pins
  • TraxPin® - The primary application for TraxPin® is track although they can be used for heavy steel as well. TraxPin®’ has a distinguishing feature by way of its cordless, powerful delivery system in tools like our GT38Li and GT60Li.
  • ALL of our AEROSMITH® FASTENER FAMILIES HAVE UNIQUE INDUSTRIAL/OEM USES AS WELL! An example is the development of pins like our “Removable” HexPin!


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